Driven to Success

Originally Published in Home Business Connection Magazine
By: Brian Bianca

When the car industry began to head south, Scott Miller traded in his corporate job for a lucrative home business and hasn’t looked back since.

For those involved in the American auto industry these days, it seems like any news is bad news. From CEOs begging for bailouts to factory closings and layoffs by the thousands, Detroit is suffering through one of the most tumultuous times in its history.

Scott Miller knows this better than most. This time two years ago, he earned a comfortable six-figure income as a car dealership business manager. But as the months flew by and the economy worsened, Scott’s income began to drop slowly before taking a precipitous plunge right before the summer. “I knew I needed to make a change or I was going to be in real trouble,” Scott explains.

That change was a home-business opportunity with an Internet marketing company. He stumbled across the company while researching ways to promote an e-book he was in the process of writing. Scott began discovering how Internet marketing works and, more importantly, the amount of money that can be made by putting the techniques into practice.

“I had always been interested in Internet marketing and I knew there was a great deal of money to be made; I just needed to learn how to do it,” Scott says. “Thankfully, I had a really good mentor who taught me how to market. Using those strategies, I put together my training plan and training website, and now I have an income typically reserved only for CEOs.”

Not bad considering he didn’t get his business up and running until May of 2008, sticking with the dealership until the day his boss at the dealership wouldn’t let Scott go home to attend a birthday party for his 11-year-old twin son and daughter. With that, Scott decided he had enough.

“If I didn’t find this opportunity, I would be receiving foreclosure notices right now,” Scott says. “Now I was able to pay my home off in January, 2009. That’s huge financially, but the biggest thing is that I’m never away from my family and kids. Any activities they have, they know I’ll be there. Whether it’s a school play, a school dance, I know there is absolutely no way I’ll miss any activity. Coming from 60 to 70 hours a week in the car business, that’s amazing.”

“I want to make this business as large and successful as possible and bring as many people to financial freedom as I can,” he continues. “I’m very impressed with the income I’m making now, but I still look at myself as a virtual newbie. What I’m making in a month now is what I’ll be doing in a week in three to six months. I don’t see this slowing down any time soon, for me or anyone else on my team. How great is that?”♦

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