Finding the “Seacret” to Success

Derek Gilson - Finding the Seacret to Home Business Success

Eight years into his former network marketing business, Derek Gilson was beginning to look for alternatives.
He had started his new business excitedly, as he was passionate about the opportunity, his business, and the service he offered. But eight years later, after doing “okay” in the company, he realized he was missing out. It was time to look for something new.

“I looked at several different ones,” Derek recalled, “but I wasn’t very happy with what I was seeing. Bad products, bad timing, bad leadership, or the company didn’t reflect my core values.”

But his interest was piqued when he heard about Seacret. While it was a retail powerhouse, the company was about to start a network marketing opportunity. Derek’s sponsor talked to him about the business and he decided to see what all the fuss was about.

“I got the products and I fell in love with the products because they gave instant results,” he said. “You can see results in minutes, or even seconds.”

Because Seacret started out in mall kiosks, it was important that their skincare products show immediate results to keep people’s attention. Seacret’s founders developed an incredibly effective formula using natural Dead Sea minerals combined with cutting edge skincare technology.

“This product doesn’t discriminate,” Derek said. “Everyone’s got skin, and everyone can benefit.”

The product’s effectiveness combined with the powerful opportunity produced immediate results—both on Derek’s skin and in his bank account.

“This is like playing on a whole different level,” he said. “It’s like I left the junior leagues and moved up to the major leagues.”

And Seacret isn’t just for women. Derek says it’s estimated that over 60% of the company is men, many of whom are making large incomes. And there’s quite a bit of diversity, too.

“We have those from the ASL [American Sign Language] community,” he said. “We have leaders doing very well. We also have a lot of leaders from the Filipino community. There’s a great sense of belonging.”

That sense of belonging comes from the top down. Derek says that Seacret’s foundation is incredibly strong.
“The family that put this company together comes from very humble beginnings,” he explained, “and they’ve created a real sense of community and family.”

In addition to the strong sense of community, there’s a lot of support. Through weekly company calls, team calls, calls with leaders and live events, Seacret shows new distributors how to start and run their business for maximum success.

“We definitely have some great training and incredible leadership,” Derek said. “And if you’re a leader who wants to create leaders, we can help. Thanks to our compensation plan, we can really focus on building leaders.”

Derek says that with Seacret, all of the components have come together, something that’s very difficult to find.  But Seacret has the pieces in place to provide both financial freedom and time freedom.

“As excited as I was with my previous company, I did okay, but my own passion doesn’t do anything if the marketplace isn’t receptive,” Derek says. “With Seacret, I have the passion and the product to back it up.”

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