Making All of Their Dreams Come True

The Macphersons have found joy and money in their new home business with SEACRET

Before discovering network marketing, I (Jesse) was a hip-hop dance teacher, performer and choreographer, and Patricia was working as a chiropractic assistant and full time college student.

We were looking for a home that would provide us and our friends with a real opportunity to see our goals achieved sooner rather than later. When Fabian & Paula Tenorio, Patricia’s sister and her husband called us about SEACRET I was so closed to the idea of skincare that I almost missed it. But because Patricia had already purchased the SEACRET products from our local mall and when I learned that the top 10 companies in this industry ALL sold skincare products, we had to at least take a look. When we saw the reaction to SEACRET products and the instant results these products provided, we were “wowed!” When we understood the power of the compensation plan, we were speechless. But in the end, it was because of the owners, the Ben Shabat family, and the amazing sense of community they’ve put in place that we knew we HAD to be a part of SEACRET. Also, the opportunity to work with family and friends was very important to us and unusual to see in corporate America.

SEACRET is truly different from all other opportunities we have investigated. SEACRET has already proven itself in the marketplace with retail sales over $1BILLION in 40 countries outside of network marketing. We know that people love to buy these products with no business opportunity attached and now we get to take these world-class products to the market for 50-70% off! When you can deliver “on-the-spot results” for someone that people can physically see before asking them to buy, you know you have something special. You don’t have to take my word for it, you just have to look at your FACE!

Prior to joining SEACRET, I felt stuck for the past couple of years. No matter how hard I worked, it didn’t seem to make a difference. I stopped setting goals and had lost my fire. I needed to find something to believe in again! I (Patricia) was comfortable, but not happy or fulfilled. We had a good income, but the love and passion was gone. I was also looking for something that would excite me again, make me want to get up in the morning and make me feel excited about the future.

Since our income at SEACRET is no longer solely based on new monthly business, a weight has been lifted from our lives. The products are so easy to share that we are seeing people have much more success faster, and with less support or dependence on us. And the best part is that the people working with SEACRET are once again having fun and enjoying their journey to financial independence.

(Jesse) In five months with SEACRET, we were able to build a monthly income that we couldn’t build in nine years with our previous business. We have been able to save more, tithe more, invest more, and play more! We moved into an amazing home and have taken dream vacations outside the country every 90 days. We paid for and took twenty business partners to Costa Rica last year and in a few months we will
be taking another twenty to Thailand. We have been blessed to earn over $500,000 in our second year with SEACRET and we are just getting started. Especially since SEACRET has less than 50,000 agents and customers worldwide in the Network. The future is so bright, I wear my sunglasses at night as we continue to open country after country and help everyone that is looking for the right timing to work hard for a huge
reward. The world is our playground—come and join us!

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