No More Struggling

Matt Lloyd - No More Struggling thanks to an internet make money at home businessAfter years of searching for a way to make money online, Matt Lloyd created an internet system that actually works.

It was during his final year of college that Matt Lloyd started mowing lawns and cleaning houses for extra money. When he wasn’t in class, working toward his finance degree, he was earning money taking care of homes for rich people.

“I saved literally every dollar I made,” he says, “but I hated it. I’d see all these big fancy homes and I’d be in the bathroom cleaning toilets.”

So Matt decided to see if there was another way to make money on the side.  A few Google searches later, he stumbled into the internet marketing world.

Inspired by what he saw, Matt was determined to start earning online. And he essentially put his life on hold to make it happen.

“I dropped out of college and I was virtually living out of my bedroom,” he says. “I was just obsessed with making this work. And the more I failed, the more determined I became.”

Matt’s friends and family thought that his plan was a joke.

“They thought all these ‘make money online’ things were a scam—and they definitely let me know,” he recalls. “But I had seen proof other people were doing this, and knew I could.”

After two years, Matt was actually making sales. But he would have a $3,000 month, and then lose money again. Watching his income fluctuate made him feel sorry for anyone starting in the industry, knowing that they might go through what he was experiencing.

So he decided to do something about it.

“MOBE was borne out of sheer frustration,” he says. “I started creating systems that others could use to make money. And people actually did make some money!  That was all the encouragement I needed.”

Now, three years and almost $20 million later, MOBE has become the fastest growing internet marketing company in its niche, and, Matt says, the rate of growth right now is higher than it’s ever been.

“We have a higher percentage of partners making commissions than any other program out there,” he says. “And the people making money are NOT gurus. Most of our partners are regular people—people in their early 20s all the way up to people in their late 80s!”

In a typical month, MOBE pays out over half a million dollars in commissions.

“Money gets sent to our partners all over the world,” Matt says. “It’s a pretty cool feeling to be a part of that.”
Matt says that in 2014, MOBE’s partners are going to reach more than $1 million in total commissions, and a lot of new members are going to have their first 6-figure year online.

“Like most people reading this, I saw all the stories of people making $50,000 a month or more,” he says. “At the time, that seemed nearly impossible. And now, we do those kind of revenue numbers every single day.”

Part of the success comes from the fact that MOBE comes with quality products to back it up.

“People can feel good about promoting MOBE,” Matt says. “It’s not just a money game.”

For Matt, it’s all about seeing people succeed. After years of struggling, staying up too late, and staring at a computer screen in frustration, he knows what it’s like to finally start earning real money.

“When people start making the $1,000, $3,000 or $5,000 commissions that our higher end programs pay out, that’s exciting,” Matt says. “I like to go and post on their Facebook walls, ‘hey, congratulations, you just made a $5000 commission.’”

He adds, “Honestly, everyone should give this program a try. I tell everyone: it’s working for people all over the world, and it can work for you too.”

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