Time to Upgrade Your Business Cards?

Have a look at one of your business cards with a critical eye. What does it say to you? It’s quite likely that you had your business cards printed up on a budget when you started your business, and haven’t done anything to change them since. Don’t you think it’s time you upgraded? It doesn’t matter how much we network online, a business card will never go out of use as it’s the best way by far of giving someone your contact details when you are out and about. A smart, modern business card says that you value yourself and your business, and that you are all about the quality. It’s time to find some money in the budget to get a new design done for your card.

What to Think About

When you set about getting a new card, you may well be offered the help of a designer within the printing company you use. Or, you may prefer to appoint your own designer. Whichever you choose, brief the designer and tell them exactly what your business is about, and how you want to come across. If you have a specific color or logo for your branding then this should be incorporated (though you may see this as an opportunity to review all of the branding for your business). Take the time to sit down with your designer and have an in-depth conversation about what you want, and ask their opinion too. The clearer you both are on the brief, the less time will be spent adjusting proofs down the line.

Consider Your Options

Next up you need to decide what material your business card will be printed on. Most people choose card, but others choose plastic or even metal! It’s totally up to you what you choose but make sure it is durable and never ever opt for cheap card – it just looks…well…cheap. Then think about how you want the card to be printed. Consider foil embossing or even heat stamping for a really lovely, textured effect. Your designer will help you with fonts and design but tell them what you are thinking regarding printing as some fonts may come across better than others when it comes to foil stamping and heat stamping.

Off to the Printers!

When you and your designer are happy with the design of the cards, the essential step of getting them checked must be taken. You must be 100% sure that there are no typos including spelling, grammatical and punctuation mistakes – this could end up as a very expensive and embarrassing mistake. Get a friend or two to check it over just so an extra eye is cast over it. When you are totally sure you are happy with it then get some quotes for the printing. You’ll find that the individual price of every card goes down depending on how many you order, so try and put a bulk order in to get the best prices possible.

Very soon a shiny new business card will be all yours to flash about town!

Author Bio:-

This post has been contributed by Alfred Taylor, an accountant at Masterwork USA which supplies heat embossing machines. His hobbies include billiards and darts. Log on to http://mkusa.com/ to know more about his company.



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