Toddler Banging on Your Home Office Computer?

Work/life balance? What’s that, you may ask. If you’re one of the millions of multitasking mamas who’s constantly juggling her office and home life, you might often wish you had a magic wand or superhero skills to keep the two separated. When one interferes negatively with the other, step up the controls.

Working moms, particularly those who have home-based businesses, can occasionally fall victim to the dreaded “24/7 syndrome” just to get everything done in her busy life. As awesome as you may be at it, it’s a schedule that you just can’t keep up. So how do you bring balance to a life where you’re wondering where to squeeze in time for even a shower?

The Juggling Act: Work & Home

From keeping relentlessly on top of your kids’ ever-changing schedules, getting the family fed and keeping your work deadlines, it’s easy to feel so overwhelmed that you want to tear your hair out and run screaming down the street. However, getting the balance right is essential not only for your stress levels, but to ensure a happy and successful home and work life. Never fear – the top tips are here.

Keep it Together (and On Schedule)

Today’s supermoms want to do it all, but the best moms know how to accept all the help they can get. Start a house schedule so everyone knows their tasks and what’s expected of them. Start with a daily schedule that includes your working and “do not disturb” hours, along with homework, meals and bedtimes.

Additionally, you can enlist the help of one of the great apps on the market to help with reminders. Remember The Milk is a perfect app for any busy mom, allowing you to track tasks, set reminders and even share task lists with your family.

Keep ‘Em Entertained

There are few things that strike fear into a busy mom’s heart quite like hearing, “Mom, I’m bored!” Your work hours are important, so ensure you’ve got backup in the form of games and activities for your children. Seek out educational, age-appropriate toys and games for your children to engage with, including computer or tablet based activities.

You can mandate a “quiet time” for younger children, using a¬†toddler play yard to guard against any unauthorized office invasions. While this isn’t foolproof, making quiet and activity time part of your regular schedule will develop a routine that both you and your kids can look forward to.

Keep It Separate

Though busy moms may snatch work time where they can get it, separating your workspace from your home space can help minimize distractions and even foster better focus on your tasks. Make sure your children know that this is your workspace and not a play area.

The last thing you need is to find out the report you’ve been working on diligently has weird data because some small fingers have been tapping away at your computer. Set rules that if you have the door closed that you must not be disturbed. No door? Try a sign that your kids can readily see that shows that you’re busy. When you’re free to chat, take it down.

Keep on Sharing

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with all you have to do, chances are your friends and neighbors with children may also be feeling the same way. Get together with the parents of your children’s friends and arrange play dates, carpools or even days out. Sharing the load can benefit everyone with a few precious hours with which to play catch up on both work and home tasks.

Share professionally as well. Social media is more important than ever in business. It is no longer just for teens. Almost all businesses, from corporations to the small business owner, have a presence on social media now. It is crucial that you get on the bandwagon too. Even though you may be working remotely from your home, you can stay connected through social media. Look at for more information on how you can gain exposure for yourself and your business.

Keep Some Help Available

Getting some outside help with the kids doesn’t mean you are a failure or that you can’t handle it all. Successful workingwomen often enlist the aid of a babysitter or nanny to help with picking up the kids, making meals and even general housework. If your work life is taking off and you feel like you’re being buried under an avalanche of dirty laundry and after school activities, looking into this option may be your best bet for a dose of sanity.

If you’re a busy working mom, juggling a set of active kids while maintaining a successful career can seem like a ridiculous fantasy. Develop a good routine at both home and work to ensure you’re maximizing your waking hours, and don’t be afraid to seek some outside help if you need it. By using these tips and tricks, you’ll be well on your way to keeping your Supermom crown firmly on your head.

Debbie Nguyen is a graphic designer and blogger who has always had a home office. She’s learned to pick her priorities to make the arrangement work for her family. Her baseboards are now dusty, but her kids are happy and well fed.

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