Create the life YOU want

“They lied…You can create the life you want.”

Most folks start out in life with high dreams.  In fact, ask the average 10 year old about his/her dream and you are likely to get a reply that defies the odds and sounds extra-ordinary

But as we grow up, we are told to “get matured”, “think like an adult” etc. and all of these words that we hear limit us, limit our creativity and potential. We begin to leave the dream that we had and begin to integrate in with what ‘society’ thinks is acceptable.

“Go to school for 16-18 years! Then find a JOB and work for 40 years! Then retire and you can live your dreams! ”

Doesn’t that sound a little crazy?

It does to me because I do not see any way that you can “live your dreams” at 70.

But this is what we have been programmed to do, this is what is slammed in our face all day and at the end of the road, what happens?

We, like the guy in the picture above, get worn out, tired, just flat out give up.

I was talking to a guy the other day and he was complaining about how much he hates his job. And there are A LOT of people out there who hate their jobs and are tired of having their lives being dictated by the whims of a boss but they don’t want to break off not because they do not want to but because they don’t know how to.

For a moment, even as you read this right now, I want you to stop and think of the dreams you had as a child. You had a dream to be free, to probably travel the world. Or whatever lofty dream you may have had…

Where are those dreams today?

“Oh, that was when I was a child. That’s all childish talk and childish dreaming. I was un-realistic.”

Here’s what a famous and well known person said…

“The easiest way to become a mediocre is to be realistic”

Get that. If you want to live the “realistic” life, then prepare to live like everyone else does – to live like the ‘Average Joe’…but if you want something better, go back to your dreams, dust them up and get going with them again.

What I’ve been saying is to break down the walls of resistance that may be in you and allow you know that as long as you can visualize it, then it’s possible and you can achieve it.

How do you create the life you want?

Start a business.

I do not care what you are selling or whatever business that you want to go into but just go out there and start a business.


It’s the only true way to create freedom.

Let me show you the huge benefits of starting a business.

1) With your job, you do not have time freedom – the boss determines what you do.

With your business, you “call the shots” – you can work in the morning or at 3 a.m. or take the day off without any query.

2) With your job, you have what I call an “income cap” – this is simply what you agreed to get paid before taking the job. So no matter what you do, even if you work harder than everyone else combined, you will still take home the same paycheck; so all you can do is to hope and pray for a raise

With your business, you have an unlimited income potential. You earnings and your income are determined by you, by the success that you have and if you work hard, you are creating more and more for yourself.

3) With your job, you work to earn somebody else money – if you did not know, a policy that most employers take is that an employee must produce at least 80% more than what they are being paid. So you may think you are earning well, taking home a paycheck of $5000 not knowing that you made your boss and the company at least $50,000!

With your business, your work goes to produce an income for you and not someone else.

Are you getting it?

When you get started, your friends may despise you – they may call you names. They may call you slimy, lazy or whatever other name in the book.

The best way to revenge is to succeed at it! And when you succeed, soon they’ll be coming for “Handouts.”

Do not let anyone make you give up on your dream.

Life will give you what you believe it deserves to give you and not a dime more. You have one shot at this thing called life, go for it!

In Prosperity,

- Praise Odita

“17 year old incurable dreamer…”

AUTHOR BIO: 17 year old insomniac kid who ridiculously and overwhelmingly Loves God, his mum and a girl. Loves to sing, laugh, listen to music, chill, fight rats, and do some other weird stuff…a little ‘off’ from societal rules and standards. He loves to empower people to live the life that they want to live by starting an Online Business with nothing but a laptop and an internet connection and a bottle of water by the side (a cold one – you get really thirsty sometimes)…he loves life! You can also check out his blog at