How To: Grow Your Business with a Mentor

Network marketing newbies often spend hours on their computers searching, reading, and sifting through spam all over the web in order to figure out how to market their opportunity or product.   Products abound online for ‘Effortless Prospecting’ or ‘Autopilot MLM Growth’, etc.

With seemingly ‘too much’ information out there, how can you focus on growing your business without becoming overwhelmed?

Mentors make all the difference.

If you’ve joined a network marketing business, chances are you were brought in by a leader with a vested interest in helping you succeed.  They should be your first stop for information and resources.   Remember, a great leader is also a great mentor. Begin your marketing quest by replicating the techniques your mentor has already proven successful within your particular opportunity.  Save the outside info on the web for down the road when you’ve mastered what your team has to offer.

Also, remember to check with your leader, or your leader’s leader, to find out if they offer training materials in your back office, pre-made marketing materials, etc.  Early on in a home business you’ll want to use as many ready-made tools as possible.  Don’t reinvent the wheel… just learn from your leader.  With time, experience, and some steady checks coming in, you’ll eventually have the confidence to try untested techniques your team isn’t currently using.